Why Some Ozark Fans Think That The Show Sometimes Resembles A Horror Movie


In the long run, “Ozark” may be rife with drug bosses and double-crossing, but one fan felt that vital elements in the series pushed it into a territory that made it worth hiding behind the sofa than anything else. Throwing their thoughts out onto a Reddit thread, u/LCD202021 asked, “is it just me, or does ‘Ozark’ sometimes feel like a horror movie? I am not sure if it’s the lakefront property or the really dark ambiance.” 

It’s a fair comparison, given the intense cold and constant blue hue that floods the town the Byrdes moved to. This steely ambiance from cinematographer Shawn Kim makes a chilling atmosphere to get caught up in. However, as much as the imagery in “Ozark” is enough to raise some hairs, so too was the slow and striking music that accompanied some of the show’s most intense scenes. u/Tsun-shine chimed in saying, “don’t forget the creepy music that plays that sounds like heartbeats.” For that, audiences can thank Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, who were responsible for giving that eerie element to an otherwise very real crime drama. 

Interestingly, it was a tone they managed to tap into at the request of Jason Bateman and showrunner Chris Mundy, which they reapplied to another of the former’s TV projects that was much more set on scaring its audience.


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