Why does Luka Doncic wear the No.77 jersey for the Dallas Mavericks?


Ahead of Game 1 vs the Golden State Warriors, we take a look at why Luka Doncic wears the No.77 jersey for the Dallas Mavericks.

Luka Doncic is into the first Conference Finals of his career after overcoming the No.1 seed Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference semifinals.

Luka has established himself as one of the best young players in the NBA and will no doubt become one of the faces of the league in the next few years.

Playoffs on NBA Lane | Official Trailer



Playoffs on NBA Lane | Official Trailer






Why does Luka Doncic wear the No.77 jersey?

Throughout the playoffs there has been interest among fans as to why Luka Doncic wear the number 77 on his jersey. After all, it’s quite an unusual number to rock.

So why does he wear it? Well, he wears it in homage to Vassilis Spanoulis, a Greek professional basketball who wore the No.7 throughout his career and was one of Luka’s favorite players when he was growing up.

Per EuroHoops, Luka – who represents Slovenia at international level – revealed his decision to wear the No. 77 jersey after a game against Angola in 2021.

“Obviously, Felipe Reyes was my teammate, and he taught me well. He was the veteran over there, and he won almost everything,” Luka said. “He was a really big time for my career. [Vassilis] was my idol since I was little. I was watching him. It was kind of sad seeing him retiring.”

However, the No. 7 jersey which Vassilis had worn throughout his career was already taken by Kleman Prepelic in the Slovenian national team. Luka was pretty young at the time and would never have had the authority to take the jersey from Prepelic.

Instead, he improvised, and added an extra seven to get to the 77.

“That’s why I wear No 7. I mean, I couldn’t wear No. 7, cause it was already taken, so I took 77. He was really, really big time for me,” Luka added.

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Luka is one of fifteen players to wear No.77 in the NBA

Doncic was able to wear No.7 for Real Madrid when he played in Spain. However, when he was drafted by the Mavericks in 2018, the No.7 was already worn by Dwight Powell.

Once again Luka had to improvise with the No.77 which he still wears to this day for the Mavs. 

Interestingly, there are only fifteen players who have ever worn the No.77 jersey in the NBA, including Luka.

Other than Luka, the most recent player to rock the number was Ersan Ilyasova, who wore 77 for the Milwaukee Bucks last year.

However, there’s no doubt that Luka Doncic is already the best ever player to wear the No.77 jersey in the NBA.

Do you think the Mavs will beat the Warriors? Let us know in the comments who you think will make the NBA Finals!

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