Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Are So Divided Over Michael


On the r/1000lbsisters subreddit, one fan of the series praised Michael via clever usage of the show’s titular number. “1000% Michael is the chillest, most gentle human being,” u/D3imosNexus write. “Pushing and driving Tammy’s ungrateful booty around, living next door to her, helping Amy through her weight loss journey along with her emotional trauma, all while being a new dad!!”

Many were in agreement that Michael seems like a good guy and that his marriage to Amy is a healthy one. Fans also gave him credit for willingly pushing Tammy around, something they also said most people wouldn’t do.

However, a number of fans weren’t able to find many positive qualities in Michael. In an interview with The Sun, Amy revealed that they met and started dating when she was 8 years old. Since Michael is four years older than her — in February 2022, Michael was 39 while Amy was 35 — this struck some fans as highly inappropriate. Others criticized Michael for not heeding Dr. Charles Procter’s advice of waiting two years post-surgery to have a baby. Amy got pregnant mere months after her operation, which made her pregnancy extremely dangerous. 

Despite these concerning factors, some tried to give Michael the benefit of the doubt. U/leftoverrpizzza said, “He’s probably grown a lot and although it’s all reality TV, given her personality, I doubt Amy would put up with him abusing her…”


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