Who is Deja’s boyfriend on This Is Us? Season 6 reveal explained


If you’ve grown to feel part of the Pearson family over the years, you’re not alone.

Created by Dan Fogelman, American drama This Is Us premiered on NBC in 2016 and has rapidly become one of the network’s most beloved and cherished shows.

It’s ambitious in scope and has sustained such investment across six seasons now. Alas, all good things must come to an end, whether the fans are gutted to see it go or not.

The penultimate episode prefigured the season finale on Tuesday, May 17th and The Train cleared up some unresolved questions just in time; not before throwing audiences some clever curveballs, mind.

On that note, let’s talk about Deja’s boyfriend in This Is Us.


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Who is Deja’s boyfriend on This Is Us?

Deja’s future boyfriend is Malik and season 6 episode 17 reveals he is the father of her baby.

Throughout season 6, episodes were yet to confirm whether they remained together and The Train led audiences to suspect her future boyfriend would be somebody called Marcus.

One of the instalment’s storylines ushered in a new family with two sons and a daughter. Among those is Marcus and the story showed the family patriarch – Kenny, portrayed by Dulé Hill – losing control of the car.

Marcus was left in critical condition as a result of the crash and rushed to hospital, foreshadowed as a potential love interest for Deja.

However, it was later clarified that, despite the Pearson fire taking place on the same day and their families mingling, Deja ultimately went on to be with Malik.

This Is Us | Series Finale Official Trailer



This Is Us | Series Finale Official Trailer






‘I just couldn’t get away from it being Malik’

Deadline recently conducted an enlightening Q&A with none other than series creator and executive producer Dan Fogelman.

During the conversation, he was asked about the Marcus and Malik situation and he revealed it just had to be Malik.

“She has to wind up with Malik, clearly they’ve gone through it and they’re not at the end of their journey yet,” he explained. “There’s hypothetically more story to be told there… I think that just felt like the right decision here.

“Like one of those things that, they went off to college, off to medical school and they kept finding their way back to each other and they’ll figure it out…. Obviously we’re playing the misdirect that you think the kid in the car accident the whole time is her beau, but I just couldn’t get away from it being Malik.”

We’re sure fans are positively thrilled about that decision too…

Malik fans emerge

A number of This Is Us viewers have hopped on to Twitter as of late to react to the grand Malik reveal.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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