What goes down when you blow on it riddle answer revealed


Riddles are a great way to get your brain cogs whirring and test your common sense, but sometimes they can be a source of frustration.

There’s nothing worse than hearing a riddle and not being able to figure out the answer no matter how hard you try.

The “what goes down when you blow on it” riddle has had people pondering the answer for a while. We have the answer for you, as well as an explanation, read on to find out more…

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What goes down when you blow on it riddle


What goes down when you blow on it and up when you forget about it?


A candle flame.

Riddle answer explained

When you blow on a candle flame, it goes down. However, when you forget about it and thus stop blowing on it, it goes back up. The answer, therefore, is a candle flame.

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Another answer could be temperature when you are cooking. When you blow on something hot (like food), the temperature cools down, but when you forget about it, it goes back up.

There are some answers we have seen circulating online. One person suggested that the answer could be lungs because when you blow air, your lungs deflate. However, this wouldn’t work with the rest of the riddle as your lungs don’t go up when you forget about them.

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Another riddle to try


If you are in a race with 100 people and you pass the person in 100th place. What position are you in now?


You are in 1st place.


If you are in a race and someone is in 100th place, then if you were behind them you would be in 101st place. However, as there are only 100 people in the race we know that this isn’t possible. So how could you overtake them?

There is a way that you could pass the last person in the race without being in 101st place. That is if you are in 1st place, and are so fast that you have lapped the last runner.

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