Washington Arby’s night manager accused of urinating in store’s milkshake mix 


An Arby’s store manager admitted to urinating in the chain’s milkshake mix for s*xual gratification. Police found visual proof of the act while investigating the person for p*dophilia and possession of child p*rn.

The incident took place in Vancouver, Washington on Thursday, May 10. The accused is charged with numerous counts of child p*rn*graphy acquisition and one count of s*xual assault.

The store manager accepted urinating in Arby’s milkshake mix on two occasions

Local news outlet The Columbian reported that Stephen Sharp, 29 was working as the night manager at the chain store, when he decided to commit the crime.

Police arrested him on May 10, as part of their Cybercrime Unit investigation into child p*rn*graphy. Upon being questioned, Sharp confessed to downloading and distributing numerous explicit images of children. He also confessed to having an attraction towards minors.

Stephen S. Sharp worked as a manager at the food joint (Image via @stephensharp/Instagram)
Stephen S. Sharp worked as a manager at the food joint (Image via @stephensharp/Instagram)

Officials were informed that questionable media featuring children was being downloaded near the Vancouver Arby’s location. Sharp used his social media accounts to collect and distribute the content.

He was arrested on Wednesday, May 11, on eight charges of possessing and dealing in exploitative pictures of minors.

After their first encounter, police decided to search all of Sharp’s digital devices and found a 16-second selfie clip of him urinating in the milkshake mix at the restaurant. Sharp acknowledged that while working alone at night, he had twice peed inside a milkshake mix for s*xual reasons. He also told the authorities that he was “almost sure” that he threw the mixture away after contaminating it, but if he didn’t then it would have been used to make beverages the next day. Vancouver police Sgt. Julie Ballou told the news outlet:

“The Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit has not located evidence that Arby’s or its franchisee was aware of the abhorrent actions of Stephen Sharp.”

A different manager told authorities that the fast-food chain sold at least one ice cream float and about 30 to 40 milkshakes on the day the video was taken.

After the incident came to light, Arby’s spokesperson made a statement saying:

“We have taken immediate action with the franchise group who terminated the former employee and is fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation.”

The authorities have added assault with s*xual motivation to Sharp’s previous eight charges of child exploitation. Additionally, Judge David Gregerson raised his bail from $5,000 to $40,000.

Clark County Public Health Director Dr. Alan Melnick told the news outlet that drinking a milkshake contaminated with urine carries no serious health risk. However, the police are currently trying to get in touch with anyone who purchased a milkshake from that particular Arby’s location between October 30 and 31, 2021, and still has the receipt.


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