The Worst Intern On Bones According To Fans


So, did “Bones” fans crown Vincent Nigel Murray (Ryan Cartwright), Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo), Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry), Clark Murray (Eugene Byrd), or Colin Fischer (Joel David Moore) the worst intern? According to the original Reddit post, it’s none of the above. The since-deleted account who created the thread cheekily asked: “Who is the worst intern and why is it Oliver Wells?”

Played by Brian Klugman, Wells made his first “Bones” appearance during the show’s 8th season, and according to the thread’s comments section, the smarmy know-it-all rubbed fans the wrong way from the start. That includes u/gigglebif, who posted bluntly, “this guy is so rude!!” That comment was followed up on by u/coldform7729, who wrote, “I really disliked this guy. Rude, arrogant, just an all around a*****e. I think we were supposed to be like ‘oh he’s so smart that nothing matters to him – isn’t that an interesting character trait’ but it totally missed the mark.”

While the comments are full of similar posts, u/ictc1 clearly had some mixed feelings about Wells, stating, “I almost feel sorry for him at times, he’s just so awful and can’t seem to stop himself from digging an ever greater hole. and then I go back to wanting to punch him in the face.” Meanwhile, u/smallniby was one of few fans who fully embraced Wells’ smarm in his eight series appearances, claiming, “He was awful and I loved it. He got the best reactions out of the other characters … The actor did a great job making him be insufferable.” 

Occasional nods of support aside, the majority of comments would seem to confirm beyond argument that “Bones” fans had little love for Dr. Oliver Wells. 


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