The 1940s Astrology Scale That Fetched A Small Fortune On American Pickers


In “American Pickers” Season 23, Episode 2 (“Country Road Gold”), picker and host Robbie Wolfe comes across an astrology scale, just one of a vast collection of scales owned by Bruce Hunt. This is a special take on a common piece of American history. However, this piece is quite a bit different from any average scale. Instead of stepping on the scale and putting your money in to find out your weight, this scale provides a small card with an astrology reading — a fun and unique experience that surely attracted many curious guests with coins in their pockets.

Fortunately for Robbie, Hunt already has his own self-restored version of the astrology scale and is knowledgeable on the subject. Robbie soon learns that a restored astrology scale can fetch up to $15,000 from a buyer. This discovery brings with it the motivation to strike a deal with Hunt so that the scale might be restored to its former glory and given new life in the home of a collector. 

Ultimately, the pair came to an agreement of $1,000 for the scale in its current state, and both are pleased with the arrangement. The full clip featuring the star-studded item can be seen on History’s YouTube channel. The astrology scale is a niche item that will undoubtedly make someone’s dreams of owning a piece of American and astrology history come true.


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