Tarik Cohen appears to injure leg in Instagram post


Running back Tarik Cohen continues to recover from his 2020 ACL injury and train in hopes of returning to the NFL. Recently, the former Chicago Bears running back posted a training clip on Instagram and appeared to injure his lower leg. The initial reactions indicated that it was a significant injury.

Former #Bears RB Tarik Cohen was training on Instagram Live and it appears like he suffered a significant lower-leg injury. Won’t post the video here.He’s been through so much as of late in his personal life. He just fully recovered from a 2020 ACL injury. Really hurts to see.

NFL Twitter was quick to offer their condolences and best wishes for Cohen’s speedy recovery.

Cohen was already dealing with the ACL injury suffered in 2020.

An Achilles injury would certainly be a big blow to Cohen’s recovery attempts.

It’s definitely a situation where it looks worse than it actually is.

It appears Cohen had been battling personal matters off the field as well.

Modern medical science does offer some optimism.

@MySportsUpdate Many people recover from an achilles tear, hopefully it’s just a partial rupture and not a full tear with it recoiling. I had mine pop and I fully recovered in 6 months and it was stronger after.

The NFL community will be sending out good vibes for Cohen’s healthy and speedy recovery.

It appeared Cohen immediately knew the severity of the injury.

Playing and staying in the NFL is no easy task.

Sometimes, NFL Twitter isn’t so toxic.

@MySportsUpdate The video is heartbreaking. All the time invested and now this. Best wishes for him.

Hopefully Cohen can return to the football field sooner than later.

@MySportsUpdate It isn’t fair for him to keep going through these obstacles when he’s been through so much already, my thoughts and prayers with him and his family ❤️🙏🏻

Tarik Cohen recently opened up about his past

Published by The Players Tribune, Tarik Cohen penned a letter to his younger self, reflecting on his past and coming to terms with the challenges and pain that he had to endure. The deep introspection offered a peak into Cohen’s life and his younger days when he was trying to become an NFL player.

Read the letter here.

Cohen’s letter told a tragic story of his past and also offered some hope as he reflected on how far he’s come:

“You’ll try tough love. You’ll try the opposite. You’ll try … everything.”

Cohen’s laser focus on playing football in the NFL is an inspiring story:

“You’ll be too focused on football, what’s happening on the field. And there, things couldn’t be better. You’ll be making defenses look silly. Breaking ankles. You’ll have that scholarship offer in hand.”

Tarik Cohen spent his entire NFL career with the Chicago Bears from 2017 – 2021. The Bears drafted him in the fourth round with the 119th overall pick. He was named to the First-Team All-Pro in 2018, as well as the Pro Bowl that year. Cohen played his college ball at North Carolina A&T.


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