Sangeet Bhojpuri Live

Sangeet Bhojpuri is India’s first Bhojpuri television channel that broadcasts non-stop music. The channel is a part of Media Worldwide Limited – an Indian television broadcaster that owns three other music channels – Music India, Sangeet Bangla and Sangeet Marathi. Sangeet Bhojpuri channel is not available on TATA Sky.

Sangeet Bhojpuri Live

Sangeet Bhojpuri was launched on 14 July 2008 and is based in Mumbai. The channel plays a mix of music genres throughout the day including peppy dance numbers, item songs and romantic numbers. The channel also has a program that plays a curated mix of devotional songs and airs the latest hit movies for Bhojpuri cinema followers.

Sangeet Bhojpuri Channel Not Available on TATA Sky Sangeet Bhojpuri is broadcast across the Indian subcontinent and reaches an estimated 24 million households across India.
Lathmaar was an interactive audience based show. The show was anchored by a character named Lathmar who sat next to a tea stall with a lathi (wooden stick in Hindi) in his hand and a towel (scarf) around his neck. Lathmar carried a typical North Indian (bhaiya) look and interacted with the audience in a humorous manner. The character often boasts about himself and comments on happenings in the Bhojpuri film industry. He played hit Bhojpuri tracks to entertain the audience.

Lathmar interviews many popular Bhojpuri film artists, directors, producers and other Bhojpuri celebrities every Saturday. Listeners can send song requests and dedicate songs to their loved ones. Viewers can also ask about their favorite Bhojpuri celebrities or send messages for celebrities and Lathmar will answer them.

Predictions: This is an astrology program where listeners can find possible astrological solutions to problems related to their career, business, money, love, education, property and personal matters. The show was hosted by Acharya Likhan S. Bharadwaj, a renowned astrologer, who has been a practicing astrologer for over sixteen years. RR Mishra also wrote daily forecasts and predictions for the Free Press Journal.

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