Robert Downey Jr’s net worth is massive but still nowhere near Tony Stark’s


Robert Downey Jr is so rich he could retire very comfortably after his stint with Marvel – but he’s nowhere near his character Tony Stark on the rich list.

It’s safe to say the 57-year-old is likely making an accountant somewhere very happy since he started acting back in the 80s – even with the grey areas of his past.

Career and net worth

Downey has come a long way since he started his career back in 1983, although the fleeting success of his off-Broadway show, American Passion, was short lived. After that he did have a brief slot on Saturday Night Live in 1985 but that didn’t work out either.

However, since then Downey has had an array of starring roles – of course, his most notable has got to be as Marvel’s Iron Man, aka Tony Stark.

While working for Marvel, the Avengers star had a salary of $80 million which, in 2020, made Downey the highest paid actor in the world for the third consecutive year, according to Variety.

Now the star has an estimated net worth of a staggering $300 million. So he could actually never act again and be more than ok. And he’s done well since he had more than a dip in his career due to legal issues.

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Way back in 1996, the actor was arrested for speeding and cocaine and heroin possession, which he got a three year probation for. But three years later he was ultimately handed a three-year prison sentence at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison after breaking his probation and he spent a year there.

Many would’ve thought his career was over then but he clawed it back when he got a spot on Ally McBeal in the early noughties and eventually even won a Golden Globe before going on to really rake in the millions with Marvel.

Still not as rich as Stark

Despite that, in comparison to his on-screen counterpart, Tony Stark, that’s just spending money. As in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Stark is the second richest character.

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Yes, there is actually one character with more money and that’s the Black Panther who has an eye-watering $90.7 trillion, according to Wealthy Gorilla’s ‘richest comic book characters’ list. Stark is said to be worth $100 billion.

Many fans might’ve already known this, but even a novice to the MCU could guess Stark had a shed-load of money after he not only owns dozens of businesses, buildings, and planes, he built a mega weaponised suit, became Iron Man, and even helped saved the universe without having any powers of his own – just money.

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