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The highly-anticipated One Piece episode 1017 releases this weekend, continuing the beloved Roof Piece section of the Onigashima Raid. The previous two episodes were incredibly well-received by fans, and with the three captains set to enter the fray, One Piece episode 1017 will most likely continue this trend.

Anime watchers and manga readers alike have highly praised the production value on Roof Piece so far, with its best moments still to come. Thankfully, One Piece episode 1017 will begin to scratch the surface in this regard.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down all currently known release information for One Piece episode 1017, as well as what to expect from the episode.

One Piece Episode 1017 set to continue the smash-hit that is Roof Piece

Release date and time, where to watch

One Piece episode 1017 is set to release this Saturday night for most international viewers, while Japanese viewers will see the episode premiere on Sunday morning. Japanese viewers can watch the episode on locally broadcast television, while international viewers can stream the episode immediately with Crunchyroll, and the following day with Funimation.

The episode will be released on the following dates and times for various time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 6.00 PM PST (May 14)
  • Eastern Time: 9.00 PM EST (May 14)
  • Indian time: 6.30AM IST (May 15)
  • British Time: 2.00 AM BST (May 15)
  • European Time: 3.00 AM CEST (May 15)
  • Philippine Time: 9.00 AM PHT (May 15)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 10.00 AM JST (May 15)
  • Australia Time: 10.30 AM ACST (May 15)

What to expect (spoilers)

You can see some of my work in the Next-episode-preview for One Piece 1017.1017 will be the most I have EVER contributed to a single episode of anime. I animated & clean up 2 whole minutes & storyboarded the first 1/4 of the episode making it my storyboarding debut on TV anime!

One Piece episode 1017 will continue where the previous episode left off, which teased Luffy, Kid, and Law preparing to attack Kaido and Big Mom. The upcoming installment will see their joint offensive begin, with each of them using their most powerful techniques to combat these incredibly powerful foes.

Episode 1016 chose to forego adapting the entirety of chapter 1001 to include a filler scene showing Sanji attempting to escape Black Maria. As a result, it’s likely that the adaptation for episode 1017 will include the rest of chapter 1001, as well as some sort of anime-only scene.

The most likely option is to continue with the Sanji storyline, perhaps by adapting some canon content and displaying it early in the anime. Another option, sticking with anime-only scenes, could be to show another Straw Hat or group of Straw Hats dealing with a situation in the interim.

It’s also worth noting that only four pages of chapter 1001 were unadapted by episode 1016. As a result, episode 1017 will almost certainly include pages from chapter 1002, in an amount which equates to roughly half of the issue.

This will see Zoro and Killer get further involved in the fight alongside their captains, with the two shining through their contributions.

In summation

One Piece #1017-1020 Titles:1017: Big Barrage of Skill! The Worst Generation Onslaught!1018: Kaido Laughs! Four Emperors VS The New Generation!1019: Tama’s Secret Plan! Operation Kibi Dango1020: Sanji Screams! SOS Echoes Throughout The IslandBTW, staff weren’t listed 😓.

One Piece episode 1017 is set to be an incredibly exciting and engaging episode, continuing the highly-anticipated adaptation of Roof Piece. While pacing problems have unfortunately reared their heads once again, this is to be expected of a weekly anime with only a 47-48 chapter gap to the source material.

Additionally, the quality of animation has more than made up for the poor pacing throughout the Wano arc, especially in recent episodes. While it’s still frustrating to see anime-only scenes being included over fully adapted chapters, these decisions are again necessary to maintain the series’ status as a weekly anime.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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