‘Painful’ clip of Kendall Jenner cutting cucumber has TikTok in stitches


The Kardashians’ brand new Hulu show continues to air a new episode every Thursday and each week brings even more excitement.

Kim hosted SNL, Kourtney and Travis got engaged, Kylie is about to have her baby and Khloé has smoothed things out with Tristan

However, after last night’s episode, there’s only one thing everyone can think about – Kendall cutting cucumber!

The model went over to visit Kris at her new home and decided to make herself a snack, which has left internet users in hysterics…

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Kendall cutting cucumber sends internet wild

After missing Kris’ birthday dinner, Kendall decided to pop over to see her mum at her new Hidden Hills home in Thursday’s episode.

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Kris asked her daughter if she wanted a snack, and even said a chef would happily make her something.

However, the 26-year-old politely declined and decided to make her own snack instead, which Kris was shocked about.

Kendall then opened up the fridge, which was full of every green vegetable you could think of, and made herself some cucumber and hummus.

She may be one of the best supermodels in the world right now, but cutting cucumber certainly isn’t her strong point, which viewers soon found out.

The model really made a meal of it, attempting to slice the vegeable with her am crossed over in a really bizarre and utterly hilarious way.

What made the whole thing even funnier is that Kendall asked the cameraman not to zoom into her cutting as she is “not a good cutter”.

By that point, it was too late and her painfully cutting cucumber had already become the most viral internet video of the week.

Fans are roasting her on TikTok

By this point, fans were screaming at the TV in frustration as Kendall wouldn’t turn the cucumber around.

Even Kris found her daughter’s technique a little funny and offered her a chef once again, to which she said no.

Now, the hilarious clip has gone viral on TikTok where fans are roasting the model and creating their own funny parodies.

POV: You’re Kendall trying to cut a cucumber.

Kris wondering where she went wrong.

The chef slicing cucumbers for Kendall.

The model has responded on Twitter

Kendall has even responded to the clip herself, and it seems as though she agrees with everyone.

The 26-year-old took to Twitter and re-tweeted the video with the caption: “Tragic!”

I think you better stick to the modelling Kendall – and yes, cucumbers do have seeds!

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