Overwatch, Call of Duty, Diablo affected by DDoS Attack


Thousands of reports are coming in tonight regarding Battle Net servers being down, and titles like Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Diablo affected.

No confirmation was shared that maintenance was being performed today, suggesting this is non-planned downtime.

And now Blizzard has confirmed that its servers are under duress due to a DDoS attack.

And here’s what we know so far regarding today’s issues with Battle Net Servers.

Overwatch | Cross-Play Launch Trailer



Overwatch | Cross-Play Launch Trailer






Battle Net Server Status Latest

Gamers are reporting issues with using Battle Net servers tonight, with thousands of reports covering the event online. Fans in North America and Europe are reporting problems with accessing core services and entering live matches on games like Overwatch, Call of Duty and Diablo.

Blizzard shared an update online, confirming that tonight’s disconnect is due to an ongoing DDoS attack: “We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack, which may result in high latency and disconnections for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue.”

Players are even reporting not being able to use the official Battle Net Server Status site, as this is also offline, or struggling to keep up with players trying to access it. User posts highlighting the issues can be found below and cover the outage on Overwatch, Call of Duty and Diablo:

“Waited all day for a legion attack and the damn servers go down.”

“Diablo 3, doing bounties hadn’t turned in caches and bam kicked out again. This is the second time to almost get done with them and get booted.”

“Haven’t been able to find a match in Vanguard for days, decided I’d jump on D3 and boom no connection…”

It’s unclear how long tonight’s outage will last but there’s a good chance that Blizzard will be tackling issues right now to try and bring things back online. Call of Duty Warzone just launched its big Operation Monarch event, and Raven Software will want to see server back online as soon as possible. A new update on tonight’s issues is expected to be shared if the outage does not end within the current hour.

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