Overwatch 2 beta end date and time with future demo details


The end date and time for the Overwatch 2 beta is today but the good news is that Blizzard has plans for more OW2 playable tests.

Impressions of the demo have mostly been modest. Some outlets say it feels like a return to glory, whereas others feel that it is unsatisfying. This lack of satisfaction stems from it feeling and looking too similar to the original game.

While there’s no official release window for the full product, Blizzard is at least planning demos for fans to participate in and provide feedback.

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer



Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer






What time does the Overwatch 2 beta end?

The date and time for when the Overwatch 2 beta will end is 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, and 19:00 BST on May 17th.

Blizzard’s FAQ confirms that the OW2 demo is set to finish today and the above hours have been confirmed on Twitter. It began on April 26th so it has been available for three weeks.

Although the reception hasn’t been completely glowing, it has had more than enough content. It has allowed players to step into the shoes of new hero Sojourn and it has also included the following new maps:

  • Circuit Royal – New Escort Map
  • Midtown – New Hybrid Map
  • Toronto – New Push Map
  • Rome – New Push Map

Participants have also been able to experience reworks for Orisa, Bastion, Sombra, and Doomfist.

Future OW2 tests

Although the Overwatch 2 beta ends today, Blizzard’s FAQ confirms that there will be more playable tests for OW2 in the future.

No dates have been provided yet, but Blizzard says they will be available for consoles. This is good news as the closed alpha has been only been for PC.

If you wish to participate in future betas, you need to opt-in for the chance to be invited. In addition, you also need to own a copy of OW1.

In other news, Overwatch 2 beta end date and time with future demo details


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