New Epic Games Store Mystery Game Countdown & Reddit Predictions


The Epic Games Store is giving away another Free Mystery game in 2022, the first announced for May.

And now fans are trying to work out what the new title might be, even though we have had no juicy leaks providing answers.

Here’s how long fans will have to wait until they find out more about the new Epic Games Free Mystery Game launched and planned for later this month.

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PS5 Console Covers





When Is The New Epic Games Mystery Game Coming Out?

The Epic Games Store has been updated and confirms that the next free title will be a Mystery Game. This is scheduled to launch on Thursday, May 19, and will be available to download for anyone with an account. This offer will be limited to players on PC and Mac but you can still claim it using your account on web browsers. The Epic Games Mystery Game Countdown will end at 4pm BST, or 8am PT if you live in North America.

Epic Games also provides this warning for anyone who is planning on using multiple accounts in the near future, confirming: “Once you claim a free game, it’s yours to keep. If you come back later and don’t see it your account, please check to see if you have multiple accounts. If you created an Epic account using an email address, log in to it directly using your Gmail password; using the Google login button will create a distinct account even if it’s tied to the same email address. And check to see if you have both a console-linked account (logging in via PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo account) and a separate Epic account.”

The new reveal that a Mystery Game will be coming to the Epic Games Store has sparked debate among users on what the new title might be. Commenting on what is usually asked for by gamers, one user posted: “It’s definitely gonna be a Cyberpunk 2077+GTA5+RDR2 bundle.”

Another Reddit user joked: “It better be or I’m going to Twitter and Reddit and speaking my mind as to why Epic didn’t give us 3 AAA titles for free.

“It’s obviously Dying Light 2 or God of War. Duh.”

Some fans have put together more thoughtful ideas, suggesting that Fall Guys might be about to make its debut on the Epic Games Store. But as the debate is still raging, it’s clear that it could be anything, with no leaks popping up yet revealing what it will be early. Other predictions from Reddit include Fallout 76, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Payday 2, Dark Souls Remastered and Control.


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