Netflix’s OTT release aims to rectify poor reviews and box office performance


The Tamil-language action movie Beast has finally been released for streaming on Netflix as the film looks to bounce back from a poor opening in theatres.

This week, fans of Indian television shows and movies are in for a treat. Aadha Ishq on Voot, Puzhu on SonyLIV, Kallan on ZEE5, Mahabharat Murders on Hoichoi and Modern Love Mumbai on Amazon may take the headlines, but it’s Netflix’s latest drop trending worldwide.

The streaming platform has just launched the Tamil-language action movie Beast, which had originally premiered in theatres worldwide back on April 13th. Whilst some users are experiencing issues with audio language dubbing, there is real hope that Beast can bounce back after its poor performance in cinemas.

Beast arrives for OTT streaming on Netflix with issues

Today, May 11th, the Beast movie finally arrived for OTT streaming via the Netflix platform and is arguably the biggest Indian drop of the week.

The 2 hour and 36-minute-long movie premiered at 12:30 PM IST on Wednesday, May 11th and almost immediately began trending worldwide on social media.

Unfortunately, there has already been some confusion online surrounding the OTT streaming release of Beast on Netflix, notably the availability of different languages.

Prior to the launch, it was shared that Netflix would release the Beast movie in the original Tamil language, but with audio options available for Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

Despite all five languages also being shown on the film’s main streaming page, Netflix has decided to release the available audio options as separate titles, i.e., Beast, Beast Hindi, Beast Malayalam, Beast Kannada and Beast Telugu.

For this reason, when users clicked on the main Beast title, the options for other languages do not appear. To access the correct version of the new movie, if you search on search engines the following links, the correct version of Beast will become available:

Beast looks to bounce back from a poor opening

Unfortunately, Beast is looking to utilise its OTT streaming release via Netflix to rectify the poor box office performance and critics’ reviews.

Per an ongoing report from Sacnilk, Beast has a worldwide collection of Rs 216.9 Crore (Rs 151.09 Crore domestically, Rs 65 Crore overseas). Whilst this may initially seem like a success for the movie, the same reports detail how the budget was only approximately around Rs 150 Crore – meaning the box office collection just made back the original investment.

Sadly, critics’ reviews were also decidedly mixed, with the majority of breakdowns giving Beast between 2.5/5 and 3.5/5 stars. The Indian Express gave Beast only 2.5/5, stating that whilst the potential for a nail-biting thriller is there, the film limits itself as “an unapologetic crowd-pleaser and a solid service to Vijay’s core fanbase.”

The Times of India also reviewed Beast at a 2.5/5 and expressed similar disappointment at the film’s scope. They argued that “The director seems to have banked entirely on his star to carry the film, but with a script that hardly offers him anything to work with, even Vijay can only do so much with his star power.”

Mirchi9 scored Beast at a 1.75/5 that admits it “has a passable first half at best” but that “it is a below-average fare in the end to the general moviegoers.” Koimoi also rated the movie at a 2.5/5 and arguably put it the best by stating, “These roles have become a cake-walk for Vijay, and the problem is we’ve seen cake-walk too many times now.”

The film currently has a shocking score of just 1.9/5 on The Times of India’s user ratings and 5.7/10 on IMDB – will the Netflix release push these figures to more respectable heights?

“Nothing new in the story..but the treatment is a bit fresh. Screenplay is uninteresting. Some comedy scenes are good some are bad. Action episodes are good. Some serious scenes are silly. Vijay is at his best. Pooja is…u know..Songs and BGM are good. Cinematography and Production design are decent. Special mention-Editing is very good. This is not a very good movie but you can watch as weekend time pass..” – User rhvardhan50, via IMDB.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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