Mercedes-Benz recalls 292K vehicles warning drivers to stop using them


Mercedes-Benz has recalled 292,000 vehicles due to a possible issue with the brakes and sent out a warning for drivers to stop using them.

According to ABC News, The German car manufacturer has put out a recall and advisory to US owners of Mercedes ML-, GL-. and R-class SUVs from 2006 through 2012 model years due to a problem that could cause the brakes to fail.

The issue was revealed in a release by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Mercedes yesterday (Thursday, May 12).

‘Potentially corroded brake boosters’

In the NHTSA report, it states the reason for the ‘voluntary recall’ is due to ‘potentially corroded brake boosters’. If there is corrosion on the brake boosters this could severely affect a driver’s braking capability, therefore increasing the risk of crashing.

The statement says the corrosion could have occurred due to ‘extended time in the field’. Basically, the time length its been used, and ‘in conjunction with water exposure’ which may lead to ‘leakage of the brake booster’.

If the brake booster has a leakage it could have a detrimental impact on the car’s braking power which means the driver would have to apply more force to the pedal in order to make the car slow down. But this also means the time it takes to stop would increase.

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The NHTSA also said there may be some ‘rare cases of very severe corrosion’ where particularly hard braking could cause actual physical damage to the brake boosters meaning the connection between the pedal and the inner system wouldn’t work and the driver wouldn’t be able to stop the car with the brakes and this could, again, increase the risk of a crash.

Voluntary recall and precaution

So far, this is just a voluntary recall as a precaution as the NHTSA has confirmed ‘there are no known crashes, injuries or deaths related to this issue’, thankfully.

However, people with these care models are being encouraged to take the car to an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer and have their car checked out to see if there is any corrosion.

If any corrosion is evident the owner is then able to have the brake booster replaced for free and those without any signs of corrosion are able to go on driving their car as normal.

In other news, Mercedes-Benz recalls 292K vehicles warning drivers to stop using them


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