Joe Rogan endorses Cameron Hanes’ latest book “Endure”


Joe Rogan recently invited bowhunting athlete Cameron Hanes as a guest on his JRE podcast. The UFC color commentator also made an Instagram post endorsing Hanes’ latest book, ‘Endure’.

According to Rogan, as the name suggests, the book is about pushing one’s limits. The renowned podcaster believes that Hanes has figured out a way to keep pushing one’s limits irrespective of hindrances. The 54-year old said on the latest episode of JRE:

“It’s really hard to push. Like when you are tired and these little creeping thoughts in your head, like, ‘Just quit man, just take a little break. Let’s just get some water, let’s take a s*it, let’s do something’. You gotta say no, but you don’t just gotta say no now. You have say no three seconds from now. You’ve to say no an hour from now. You’ve to keep saying no over and over again and then you have to do it everyday for your whole life. That’s the secret to the Cam Hanes story. You just figured out a way, I don’t know wat it is but you figured out a way to push hard everyday no matter what.”

Watch Rogan endorsing ‘Endure’ below:

Catch the full episode below:

Joe Rogan hails Cameron Hanes as master of a neglected art form

While life wasn’t looking good for Cameron Hanes as a young adult, he has now achieved tremendous bowhunting success through sheer hard work and dedication. Also addicted to lifting and training, Hanes has chronicled his life lessons in his latest book.

Joe Rogan hailed Hanes as a master of “the art of the maximized life” in the foreword to ‘Endure’. According to Rogan, it is an often neglected art form that can only be appreciated by those who are also themselves putting in the toil everyday. The popular podcaster and stand-up comic wrote:

“He [Cameron Hanes] is a master at one of the art forms that gets the least amount of attention; the art of the maximized life. In this work layers upon layers of effort and discipline create a depth and texture to the life that’s lost during a cursory examination by a person that doesn’t know what they’re seeing. It is an artform where only the people that are also out there grinding are truly going to understand and appreciate how amazing this consistent effort is.” h/t


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