jibaro full episode online

Siren is intrigued by this soldier. Apparently, he has met a deaf person for the first time. Later, he hides next to her and spends the night. The soldier wakes up and can’t take his eyes off the bewitching beauty. He follows her, and they finally embrace and share a passionate kiss. Its lips and teeth are so sharp that it cuts the soldier and he bleeds.

We see a turn of events when the soldier knocks the siren unconscious, steals all the jewelry from her body and throws her into the river. His blood is magical and floods the river in a glowing-esque manner. The soldier washes his face with water, and this freezes his ears and makes him vulnerable to the sirens.

The Siren takes revenge for his treachery and with her screams inflicts a fatal blow on the disfigured soldier. A choreographed death ensues as the man walks into the river and sinks to the bottom.

Jibaro’s ending emphasizes the metaphor of toxic relationships, told through a reimagined siren tale. Both of them were attracted to each other for their own selfish desires and as we all know, that can never end well.

The deaf soldier loves the Siren only for her body ornaments. And Siren is intrigued by this man because his otherwise deadly screams have no effect on her. They are incredibly drawn to each other for the wrong reasons. Soon, the man first claims what he really wants. This boomerang back at him, along with his hearing. The siren has lost her grace and can no longer dance. He screams in pain and takes the man down. Interestingly, he is standing this time, and the man dies dancing.

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