Jaehan & Yechan casting in Let Me Comfort The Boy drama leaves fans baffled


K-pop group Omega X stars Jaehan and Yechan have landed the lead couple roles in Let Me Comfort The Boy, (A Shoulder To Cry On) BL drama. While the majority of fans are rejoicing the new chapter of the K-pop stars, here’s why some are baffled.

The music label of Omega X, Spire Entertainment stated on May 18 that the upcoming web drama Let Me Comfort The Boy based on a novel by the same name will be casting Jaehan and Yechan as the lead couple.

Comfort The Boy tells the story of Lee Da Yeol and Choi Tae Hyun. Lee Da Yeol wants to be professional archer, the one with big dreams while Choi Tae Hyun is a broken soul, haunted by the wounds of the past.

All we know about BL drama Let Me Comfort The Boy

According to K-media reports, Let Me Comfort The Boy (A Shoulder To Cry On) will start filming from May 2022.

The series will consist of 12 episodes and fans can expect the series to drop in September of this year.

Twitter divided on Omega X BL drama cast news

While the news of Omega X’s Jaehan and Yechan’s acting career has made fans hopeful, some are also worried that the lead cast being from a same group can be tricky.

Speaking of the casting news, a fan commented, “our boyz acting alongside in a bl as MAIN LEADS !!!! and they’re going to be super famous and all the interviews ..more new fans shipping them!!!! and new people knowing omega x OMG !!!! I CANT HOLD MY EXCITEMENT!”

A second fan added, “omega x is a wonderful group with a very good discography! I hope there will be new fans who will not be obsessed with the couple, just respect them as actors and singers! Also, look forward for omega x comeback in June!!”

Echoing the thought, another fan chimed in saying, “I love both but I hope bl fans only will not ship them as a couple after as they are seeing each other as brothers!”

Check more responses from Korean fans below.

Meanwhile, Omega X is making their comeback in June, 2022. Keep an eye on this space for all the comeback related updates of the K-pop group.

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