Is Yuga Khan Stronger Than Darkseid

Yuga Khan is one of the most powerful beings in all existence. So powerful that the effort it takes to open his eyes can move mountains on Earth and level a civilization in the blink of an eye. He is astronomically large, much larger than Darkseid.

Turning his body into elemental energy, he attempted to breach the source wall a second time and was once again imprisoned for his madness. Although Yuga appeared in a similar role in the New 52 era, he was killed by Darkseid in battle before being sent to the Source, and was later defeated by Shazam in a weakened state.

Who’s Afraid of Darkseid?
Yug Khan Phobia: Unbelievable as it may seem, Darkseid fears his father Yug Khan more than anything else; Yug Khan was a person in the universe who was far more powerful and evil and tyrannical than even Darkseid.

Yuga Khan. He was easily the most powerful New God before Darkseid reigned over Apokolips. Darkseid himself was scared of his own father even with his stone cold face of bravado.

We all know that Darkseid reigns as the supreme villain of the DC world. Who doesn’t fear anyone and does nothing, right? Wrong. Let me introduce you to the one Darkseid finds himself shaking. That broke Desad’s loyalty to Darkseid. And, the one everyone in the DC Universe fears the most. Yug Khan is otherwise known as Darkseid’s father.

Yug Khan’s first appearance was in New Gods #17 in 1990. Before assuming the name Yug Khan, he was known as Jonuz and was the first God of Evil. Yug Khan is one of the most powerful beings in all existence. So powerful that the effort it takes to open his eyes can move mountains on Earth and level a civilization in the blink of an eye. He is astronomically large, much larger than Darkseid. By his sheer will he can withdraw the source, take the mother-boxes offline. Not allowing Darkseid to use his Omega Beam, or Boom Tube. Yug Khan is actually so powerful that he cannot travel through boom tubes. He is too strong to contain in a boom tube, he shows up when he comes, no boom tube needed. At one point, he also highlighted the anti-life equation.

The One Darkseid Fierce
Personally, my most favorable Yug Khan story lines are New Gods #17 – New Gods #21. In these issues it showcases his raw power, strength and fear that he inflicts on everyone.

New Gods #17 opens with La Gand patrolling the galaxy, and she gets a front-row seat to Yug Khan’s awakening. He was in the right place at the right time. As Yug Khan wakes up, the planet near Velos begins to shake and their citizens immediately panic. Their planet has an outer barrier that shuts them off from the outside world, which no one has ever been able to penetrate. Completely isolating this planet from the outside world. La Gand takes notice but cannot approach the planet and investigate due to its obstacles. As the planet shook violently, its citizens held each other as they knew their end was near. And in one instance the planet is gone. By coming into contact with the planet Velos, Yug Khan absorbs every last bit of the planet. It was a very familiar sight of seeing the last of the planets. It was a scene from Man of Steel when the people of Krypton hold each other as their planet ends. La Gand spends the entire story chasing Yug Khan’s tail. Yug Khan left behind following the path of destruction.

Yug Khan was trapped in the Promethean galaxy as a trapped celestial giant for thousands of years until he was freed. Before being trapped, he begins to question his existence and why the old gods were destroyed. He wanted to know why, and the search for all knowledge was not over for him. He launched himself beyond the barrier of reality, and his punishment was trapped as a celestial monster as a warning to all for eternity.

The moment Yug Khan was freed, the skies darkened in every corner of the galaxy and there was an overwhelming sense of impending doom. A panicked fear finally reached Darkseid across the galaxy and he too knew what was coming.

Yug Khan is freeā€¦ and, for the first time in his existence, he [Darkseid] knows fear.

New God #17
In his resurgence, he destroys a Thanagian astro station and destroys all the souls inside it. Meanwhile, Matron travels to where the Promethean giants are imprisoned and notices that one in particular has escaped. “Yuga Khan, the strongest of them all.”

Interestingly, this is the first time we’ve seen Darkseid show weakness. When his servant demanded a reward, instead of usually killing someone who spoke to him like that. He grants his servant their wish, as his mind is consumed by thoughts of Yug Khan.

New God #19
Darkseid vs Yug Khan
The fun really begins when Yuga Khan finally arrives in Apokolips in New Gods #19. Darkseid shows his fear and immediately orders Desad to kill Yug Khan in a panic as he begins to flee. Yug Khan laughs at this joke “come hug your father” and easily holds off Darkseid. Yug Khan claims that Apokolips is about to have a new leader, reclaiming his place on the planet he once created. Darkseid’s reign collapses on Apokolips. His idols are broken, and his people are truly miserable. The people of Apokolips learned that there was a fate worse than Darkseid, and that fate was Yug Khan.

He turns off the source, and in doing so turns off all the boom tubes and renders the mother-boxes ineffective. Desad is left shivering, futilely begging for his life now pledging his loyalty to Yug Khan. However, Desad’s wishes were not heard as Yug Khan tore him apart. The New Genesis begin their attack on Apokolips and Yug Khan sends a large group of Parademons to destroy the New Genesis soldiers. Metron watches in horror from above as the death toll takes place, while the war begins to spread to other nearby planets. Yug Khan takes mother

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