Is Senior Year 2 confirmed on Netflix? Sequel status for 2022 comedy


Imagine. Prom is right around the corner and you’re on track to be queen.

Suddenly, you take a fall and slip into a coma. Twenty years down the line and you’re awake. Everything has changed, but dammit, you’re not going to let that get in the way of that crown atop your head.

This is the premise for Alex Hardcastle’s Senior Year, starring Rebel Wilson in the central role of a high-school cheerleader. It may be 2022, but she’s going to live her best early 2000s life.

Since the movie landed on Netflix, audiences have found themselves contemplating whether they’ll be reunited with Stephanie for the next chapter in her life.

Taking that on board, is Senior year 2 a-go on Netflix?


Is Senior Year 2 confirmed on Netflix?

No, neither Netflix nor the filmmakers have announced a Senior Year sequel as of yet.

It’s arguably still a little early to expect any concrete plans to be confirmed. However, it’s an encouraging sign that the movie has broken into the Netflix top 10 in a number of territories.

In fact, at the time of writing, it has reached the top spot in the film category in a number of places.

Considering the platform doesn’t disclose viewing statistics to the public, this is often the best way to determine and predict whether a show or series will be picked up for more seasons or sequels.

The film’s ending ties the story up fairly neatly. Yet, a sequel could easily show what Stephanie is up to after graduation, potentially showing what her life would be like at college down the line. There’s even a cheeky post-credits scene that shows them discussing college options.

Senior Year | Official Trailer



Senior Year | Official Trailer





‘I hope it’s an inspiring movie for our youth’

With no news on a sequel, it’s worth highlighting that Mary Holland (who plays Martha Reiser) has already voiced her hopes for what the first movie will ideally achieve.

Speaking with MovieWeb, she explained that she wishes viewers to “feel inspired to be themselves and trust that they will be loved for who they are.” Continuing on, she added:

“I think that is what’s so beautiful about this movie, and definitely what drew me to it on top of it being full of so many amazing performers that I love and admire. It’s such a celebration of self-acceptance, growth, and friendship… I hope it’s an inspiring movie for our youth to watch.”

Fans are already asking for it

Some audiences have taken to Twitter already, sharing their hopes for a sequel and perhaps even a trilogy with the same cast.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Senior Year is now streaming on Netflix.

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