Is Magikarp Shiny in Pokemon Go? Spotlight Hour time and rewards


The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour for Magikarp is today and fans will be happy to know that it can be Shiny.

May is an exciting month for trainers in Niantic’s game. The Community Day for Alolan is this weekend on the 21st, and a farewell to the Season of Alola will happen on May 25th.

Next month will also commence this year’s Go Fest celebration, but- before any of this happens – make sure to participate in today’s SH.

Pokémon GO | Season of Alola Trailer



Pokémon GO | Season of Alola Trailer





Can Magikarp be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Magikarp is and can be Shiny during the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event.

The event starts on May 17th at 18:00 local time and ends at 19:00 local time. The creature is a Water-type pocket monster with equal weakness to Grass and Electric attacks.

It evolves into Gyarados with 400 Candy. Gyarados can also be evolved into a Mega pocket monster with 300 Mega Energy.

Spotlight Hour rewards

The reward for the Pokemon Go Magikarp Spotlight Hour is 2x Evolution XP.

Below is the remaining SH schedule for May 2022:

  • Seel (S) – 2x Catch Stardust – May 24th
  • Pikipek – 2x Catch XP – May 31st

All of the above comes courtesy of Leekduck.

We’ve already been treated to Shiny Wingull and regular Numel this month. Also remember that May will end with the Alolan Community Day on May 21st and Alola to Alola on the 25th.

This year’s Go Fest is slated for June 4th and you can still buy tickets right now.

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