How to get Savini Ash skin code


Evil Dead The Game has been available for a couple of days now and some people are still unsure how to get a code for the Savini Ash skin.

It’s a surprisingly fantastic asymmetrical multiplayer experience. There isn’t a great variety of maps at launch, but Saber Interactive has confirmed that a free update will give everyone Castle Kandar in the future.

While the impending arrival of Castle Kandar is exciting, the unfortunate news is that there’s only one way to get arguably the best version of Ash.

Evil Dead | Pre-Order Trailer



Evil Dead | Pre-Order Trailer





How to get Savini Ash skin code for Evil Dead The Game

The only way to get the Savini Ash skin code for Evil Dead The Game is through buying the Collector’s edition.

It doesn’t come with either the Standard or Deluxe package. Boss Team Games has also confirmed on Twitter that it will not be sold again and separate from the Collector’s edition package.

If you have bought the Collector’s edition, the code will have been sent to your email address. All you need to do then is redeem it on either the Epic Games, Microsoft, or PSN store.

Collector’s edition

Unfortunately, the Evil Dead The Game Collector’s edition is completely sold out on the official website.

There are unopened versions with codes intact that can be found on eBay, but the prices are ridiculous. It’s really not worth the fee.

Although it’s disappointing that most of us have missed out on Savini Ash, the good news is that the developers are committed to free and premium post-launch updates.

There is a Season Pass available right now with four DLC packs. The contents of these packs hasn’t been revealed yet, but hopefully they will include outfits as well as new characters.

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