How To Beat Aur Cryus, The Wild Pandemonium


Before the battle with Aur Cryus, The Wild Pandemonium begins in “Salt and Sacrifice,” players will need to hunt him down. He goes through a few different motions teleporting away from the battle, but climbing and heading Eastward in Bol Gerahn makes it easy to track him down. Once it’s time to fight, there are two main types of attacks to understand: sword and tornado attacks. Sword attacks include both advancing and retreating slashes, as well as blades made of the wind. The real threat that may catch players by surprise is his Rolling Twister attack, which lifts players airborne into a whirling frenzy.

So, how is one to combat this force of nature? First, it’s important to understand that the Rolling Twister attack is more surprising than it is health draining, and that the sword attacks are actually a lot stronger. If a player finds themself swept up in the tornado, it’s important to stay focused to combat Aur Cryus’ impressive attack speed that only builds once he’s below half HP.

As for surviving the sword attacks, dodging is the name of the game. That includes dodging through tornados. Paying close attention to Aur Cryus’ positioning is key, as well as getting a knack for coordinating dodge directionality with his animations which give players a glimpse into his next attack. Naturally, a ranged attack is a huge advantage when taking on Aur Cryus. That coupled with precisely timed dodges and attacks will pave the way to victory in no time, leading to many more challenges ahead in “Salt and Sacrifice.”


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