hercai: amor y venganza netflix

hercai: amor y venganza netflix

What happened at the end of “Harkai”?
Aziz is happy with Nasuh’s proposal and Meeran agrees to marry him who has always been his great love. The young man wants to make his grandparents very happy and the rest of the family help finalize the details of the link. Meanwhile, Yaren continues to serve his sentence in prison and Fusun resigns herself to living with parts of her body paralyzed.

The wedding day has arrived. Lovers say “I do” to each other surrounded by their loved ones. Everyone dances and sings without fear of spoiling their happiness. Reian and Miran deliver some good news in the middle of the celebration and say that they will be adopting the foundation’s orphaned daughter, Melek. The next day, little Ella arrives at her new home, where she is received with much love. The girl wants to spend the first night with her younger brother Umut, and she calls Miran and Rayyan, father and mother.

Five years later…
Miran and his wife enjoy their life together with Umut and Melek. Ryan has fulfilled his dream of graduating as a teacher and is very nervous as he attends his first day of classes at the same school where his two children study. Meanwhile, Sihan and Handan return after meeting Azat and Ganul, who are soon to be parents. The relationship between the four is very good.

What to see after leaving “Harkai”?
With the release of “Hercai”, “La hija del Embajador” will take over the telenovela, which has already aired before the outgoing production. The new melodrama stars Engin Akurek and Neslihan Atagul and is a story full of unconditional love, betrayal and mixed feelings.

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