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The seventh and final season of Malcolm in the Middle premiered on Fox on September 30, 2005 and concluded on May 14, 2006 with a total of 22 episodes. Frankie Muniz stars as the title character Malcolm and is joined by Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Barfield and Eric Perr Sullivan.

Malcolm and Reese try to go to the annual Burning Man festival but are caught by Hal and Lois. Malcolm makes the event so interesting that they decide to turn the trip into a family vacation. At the festival, everyone except Hal and Dewey come out to participate; Hal fears the Burning Man attendants who mistake his bourgeois lifestyle as an ironic inspiration for society, while Dewey has to do all the work around the RV. Reese and Lois fit in well at the festival, while Malcolm has sex with a healer named Anita (Rosanna Arquette), although she denies his beliefs. Reese is designated to “burn people” to end the festival but can’t accept that it’s over and accidentally sets the RV on fire in an attempt to continue the weekend. Hal and Dewey are forced to work to pay for the RV, Malcolm is desperate, and Lois and Reese secretly agree to return next year.
Hal learns that the family has been without health insurance for six months and tries to save the house until Monday, when the insurance comes back into effect. His overprotectiveness of home and boys ends when he accidentally breaks his leg. He then goes to great lengths to keep Lois from finding out. Meanwhile, Lois attempts a robbery at the Lucky Aid store.
An angry Reese threatens Stevie, who fears retaliation. Dewey becomes addicted to cigarettes, thanks to the many stacks of ex-smoker Hal around the house, so he tries to help Dewey quit. Lois tries to get Jamie to talk by telling him about his high school years, but takes so long that his first words are “shut up”.
Hal is horrified when Malcolm tells him about a gruesome massacre that happened at the house years ago. Lois is working on Halloween and catches a shoplifter as everyone else at Lucky Aid throws a wild party. Reese and Dewey lose track of Jamie as they flee from an angry elderly neighbor named Mr. Sheldon after egging him on his house, while Lois is arrested for kidnapping while picking up the wrong child.
Jessica (Hayden Panettiere) moves in on a temporary basis and teaches Malcolm how to manipulate others, but when he uses his tricks on Lois he feels something he’s never felt before, empathy. Hal fights a bee that is out for revenge for killing the rest of his hive. Reese tries to mail himself to China in a crate to beat his pen pal, but Dewey doesn’t mail the crate to torture him.
Malcolm is in love with a hot and secretly intelligent girl named Vicky (Sarah Wright) who is afraid of ruining his image by seeing him in public. Reese is kicked out of the house for refusing to get a job. Hal is in a heated conflict with the owner of a miniature golf course because he won’t give Dewey a free game.
A power outage caused by Jamie’s balloon disrupts Lois and Hal’s anniversary and exposes Malcolm’s tryst with young European women. Reese tries to cook Kobe beef for Hal, Francis tries to steal a fish that he and Hal caught years ago, and Dewey is upset that he can’t have dinner. The entire sequence of events is revealed through several replays from different perspectives, all starting with the outage.
Abby (Lorissa Olenick), a girl Reese befriended in the Army, visits the family home and Reese assumes he has feelings for her, though he is actually attracted to Lois. When Lois finds new strength with orthotic inserts for her shoes, Hal fears that she will no longer look to him for support and plots to destroy the inserts. Malcolm gives Dewey a box of junk to pay off a $10 debt. When one of the comics inside turns out to be rare and valuable, Dewey forces Malcolm to do embarrassing things to get the money back.
Malcolm and Reese end up in the same class because Reese failed the previous year. Mr. Harkabe, who loses his prize for the school’s highest GPA to Malcolm, gleefully humiliates Reese every day until Malcolm agrees to start failing his classes. However, Malcolm tells school principal Mr. Hodges (Steve Vinovich) that Harkabe skipped gym in the last semester of his senior year (creating his own AP class in its place) and Harkabe lied about taking the course for years after casually mentioning it. to him. Hodges then publicly stripped Harkabe of the GPA award, much to his humiliation, and returned it to the original recipient, Edna Thornby, who took the gym and managed to pass despite being blind and clubfooted. Harkabe decides to reclaim Jim and embarrass him as revenge for the pain Reese caused him. Elsewhere, Jamie’s new babysitter (Katherine Justen) drives Lois crazy with her nonstop talking, and Hal tries to help Dewey talk to a girl he likes, efforts that end in disaster.

Malcolm starts a fight over his high school yearbook picture. He also receives a $10,000 education award unknown to him, and when Hal and Lois find out, they want to spend it on themselves.
Dewey, Lois, and Hal go out of town to St. Louis for a piano competition, and as punishment for an earlier prank, Lois’ grandmother Ida visits Malcolm and Reese. They eventually miss their plane, and while waiting, Hal finds a man’s membership card to a prestigious airport club. Hal was horrified to discover that the man was a wealthy diplomat who had decided to cut off foreign relations with East Asian countries. Grandma Ida marries Rees to Ida’s assistant Raduca (Regan Wallace), but only if she beats Malcolm in three challenges. When Lois, Dewey and Hal return, they find that Ida is gone while Rhys has run off with Raduca to Las Vegas to get married.
About getting a real job by a broke Francis Dewey. Back home, Hal takes charge of the college’s recruits, whom Malcolm refuses to meet and uses each as a suitor. However, Hal’s plans are thwarted when Malcolm decides to attend Harvard. Reece and Raduca’s marriage ends when Lois and Reece cheat on Raduca.
After going to the doctor, Lois discovers that she has mono. He then handed it to Malcolm. As a result, both Lois and Malcolm are forced to spend two weeks together in the same room. Hal is invited to all his neighbors’ parties. Although happy at first, Hal is horrified when he learns how much they hate Lois and celebrates the days he won’t join any of them. Dewey makes Jamie his slave and he teaches Reese to be nice to Jamie.
Hal receives a devastating phone call that his father has died, but since he never knew him well, he doesn’t shed a tear. In an attempt to overcompensate with his sons, Hal buys the boys lots of presents and makes them miss school repeatedly. Abe thinks a phone call from Leonard Nimoy, a cast member from Star Trek: The Original Series, will cheer Hal up, but instead it’s George Take. Just before Hal signs his name to buy an expensive car, the pen he’s using reminds him of his father, and he breaks down in tears as Lois comforts him.
Lois and Hal visit Francis to help him celebrate a year of peace, but when they discover his A.A. Upon meeting, they learn that he was never an alcoholic. Dewey finds Hal’s spare car key, but when Malcolm and Reese refuse to take him to the arcade, he swallows it.
When four popular high school girls play a wicked prank on Reese pretending to be a secret admirer and then drop a pig at her front door, she sinks into depression. Lois fails to negotiate with the principal, then forces Reese to tell the girls who they are so he can get revenge for her. Hal builds a pitching machine.
Hal’s friend Trey asks him to come to his dental office when he knocks out a tooth during a poker game, but their friendship is threatened when Hal is faced with a $2,000 bill. Reese teaches Lois how to ride a bicycle. Malcolm and Dewey’s favorite pastime is falling asleep after finding a new mattress on the street.
Malcolm attends a local dance class to meet a beautiful girl, but after he discovers a poor dancer, he realizes that to win the competition he must take on Danielle (Linsey Bertilson), an attractive but more talented partner. While trying to bury their father’s broken trophy, Reese and Dewey find an underground bomb shelter in the backyard and lock Hal in. Although Hal is initially furious, he discovers that the bomb shelter actually contains a luxury accommodation from the Cold War era. Lois tries to conquer a new truck at the shopping mall by laying hands on her.
When Stevie goes to the hospital, Malcolm tries to make every excuse he can think of not to go because he can’t face the truth about his illness. Meanwhile, Hal becomes extremely competitive about his new remote control boat when a ten-year-old crashes it. Lois thinks Dewey is gaslighting her after forgetting to get her baking soda for a school project, and Reese’s new job as a telemarketer turns into a life-or-death situation when she has to deal with a suicidal man on the other line.
Reese meets a clever vegetarian named Carrie (Tara Lipinski) when she goes back to work at a meat factory. Although they initially argue about their food choices, Reese tries to prove himself to Carrie by releasing a herd of slaughtered cows onto the city streets, where they are crushed to death by traffic. Malcolm tries to fool Craig into attending a rock concert. Hal creates his own, harshly realistic version of The Game of Life, hoping to beat Dewey, under the guise of teaching his son a lesson about real life.

As Malcolm struggles to write his valedictorian speech, Hal learns that the family may not have enough money to send Malcolm to college, so Hal does what he can to earn the last $5,000. Meanwhile, Reese moves in with Craig and becomes an assistant janitor, the boys destroy evidence of their worst prank: Lois fakes an X-ray of cancer to distract her from a bad report card from years ago, and Malcolm discovers that Lois is Reese. Pushing him to become President of the United States after making the worst possible mess of its plans. Three months after the finale, Reese and Craig become best friends, and Reese keeps her job as a janitor after her boss fires her for installing a peephole in the girls’ bathroom; Dewey and Jamie begin to bond now that their brother is gone; Francis enjoys life with a stable job, which he never tells Lois; Hal and Lois panic when Lois emerges from the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test; And Malcolm eventually gets into Harvard, working part-time as a janitor to pay his way through college.
In March–April 2005, Fox renewed Malcolm in the Middle for a seventh season. The following month, it was revealed that series creator Lynwood Boomer would not continue as showrunner, instead retaining an “executive consultant credit” while Matthew Carlson would replace Boomer. As the showrunner. In January 2006, it was announced that this would be the final season; The decision behind this was largely attributed to declining viewership. Principal cast members Frankie Muniz, Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Barfield, and Eric Per Sullivan return as Malcolm, Lois, Hal, Francis, Reese, and Dewey, respectively. As of the sixth season, Masterson made fewer appearances than the rest of the main cast.

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