Former SaNITY member talks reuiniting with Eric Young outside WWE


Former WWE Superstar Axel Tischer has opened up about reuniting with some of his old SaNITY stablemates during a recent interview with WrestleTalk.

Tischer was known as Alexander Wolfe during his time with Vince McMahon’s company. Though he did have a run in NXT UK as part of Imperium, the German-born star was first introduced to WWE fans as part of the SaNITY group on NXT.

Alongside the likes of Eric Young, Nikki Cross, Sawyer Fulton, and Killian Dain, Wolfe made his mark on the black and gold tag division, capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships alongside Young during the group’s dominant run.

Tischer recently reunited with two of his former stablemates on the independent circuit: Killain Dain (now known as Big Damo) at a PROGRESS show and Eric Young while competeing for OTT Live. Speaking to WrestleTalk, Tischer expressed his delight in seeing Damo, given that he’d not seen him since he left the USA:

“It was awesome, not only awesome just to meet (Dam0) again – last time we saw each other in person was one year ago before I left the States and moved back to Germany, but it felt great. Actually, it felt like we never split up, because, you know, we’re a well-oiled machine in the ring, and outside the ring we click,” Axel said.

Wolfe had similar praise for his former NXT Tag Team Championship partner Eric Young, stating that it felt like they’d never split:

“And funny also, a couple of weeks before, I met EY (Eric Young) after three years at OTT, Over The Top Wrestling in Ireland, and it felt like the same as we just kind of never split up.” He added

What happened to SaNITY on WWE’s main roster?

SaNITY were called up to WWE’s main roster as part of the SmackDown brand in April 2018.

Wolfe, Young, and Dain were now the only members of the group, with Nikki Cross being pushed as a solo star. Although the group defeated The New Day after their call-up, they were soon lost in the shuffle and barely seen on TV until their breakup in 2019.


Wolfe and Dain were let go from WWE in 2021 as part of cost-cutting measures, whereas Eric Young was released during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

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