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The Lincoln Lawyer is the newest legal drama to cruise its way onto Netflix and as well as its prominent crime angle, it’s also a show that has a huge passion for cars.

As fans will deduce from the show’s title, the car brand of choice for attorney Mickey Haller is Lincoln as he cruises around LA, working from the back seat of his chauffeur-driven car.

But which cars feature in The Lincoln Lawyer and what is the eye-catching sports car we see in episode 3?

The Lincoln Lawyer | Official Trailer



The Lincoln Lawyer | Official Trailer






The Lincoln Lawyer release date and plot preview

The Lincoln Lawyer cruised its way onto Netflix on Friday, May 13th, 2022.

Season 1 of the legal drama tells the story of Mickey Haller who, after time away thanks to a painkiller addiction, returns to practising law following the murder of his former partner Jerry Vincent, who in death left his practice to Mickey.

Before Mickey can take on Jerry’s former clients, however, he will need to win the approval of Judge Mary Holder and so Mickey begins taking on cases both large and small while also working to solve Jerry’s mysterious murder, all from the back seat of his chauffeur-driven Lincoln.


The cars of The Lincoln Lawyer

In The Lincoln Lawyer’s first episode, we are shown a brief glimpse of Mickey Haller’s collection of three Lincolns as he prepares to kickstart his career after some time away, with the various cars appearing throughout the series.

However, while Mickey Haller is shown to have three Lincolns in the show, none of them is the Lincoln Town Car his character uses in the original Michael Connelly books.

1964 Lincoln Continental Convertable

The first car we see Mickey drive is easily the most iconic, a 1964 Continental Converstable in a rather fetching shade of blue, made complete with the cheeky ‘NTGUILTY’ number plate.

According to HotCars, a 1964 Lincoln Continental would have cost around $6,292 when new but that value has skyrocketed over the years, depending on the condition of the car.

A convertible Continental in a fair-to-good condition is estimated to cost between $16,200 to $39,200 while a car that has been given a concourse-level restoration might fetch as much as $106,000.


Lincoln Navigator

The other car we see featured heavily throughout the series is the Lincoln Navigator, a hugely spacious SUV that offers Mickey plenty of room to carry out his work in the back seat.

In Mickey’s garage, we can actually see two Navigators, both of which are sporting their own custom plates, “DISMISSED” and “IWALKEM.”

According to the Lincoln website, a brand new Series 8 Navigator costs upwards of $77,000 with the most expensive model, the Black Label L, costing as much as $109,000.


What is the sports car in episode 3?

As well as Mickey’s fleet of Lincolns, the series also features another noteworthy car.

In its third episode, Mickey meets with entrepreneur Trevor Elliot who can be seen driving a Fisker EMotion sports car.

First announced in 2017, the Fisker EMotion is an electric sports car that is designed to rival the Tesla Model S.

However, plans to release the car worldwide in 2020 were shelved following the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Fisker company instead focusing on the launch of its Ocean SUV.

When it does arrive on general sale, the Fisker EMotion is reported to have a base price of $130,000 according to Autocar.

Equipped with a fast-charging battery, powerful motor and autonomous driving capability, the EMotion has an estimated range of 400 miles and a reported top speed of 161 mph.


The Lincoln Lawyer is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on May 13th, 2022.

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