Evil Dead The Game Deluxe vs Standard edition bonuses and price


Evil Dead The Game is scheduled to launch tomorrow and fans should know the differences in bonuses and price between the Deluxe and Standard edition before pre-ordering.

There are no reviews for the game as of writing, but most impressions from the Xbox beta were very positive. The game is created by Saber Interactive who developed World War Z, and Bruce Campbell’s return has been described as a fun multiplayer experience comparable to Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th.

Whether you love the Sam Raimi movies or are simply looking for another horror game to enjoy, the good news is that it launches tomorrow.

Evil Dead | Pre-Order Trailer



Evil Dead | Pre-Order Trailer






Evil Dead The Game Standard vs Deluxe edition

The biggest difference between the Standard and Deluxe edition for Evil Dead The Game is the price.

Saber Interactive’s regular package costs £34.99 whereas the Deluxe version is £49.99 (prices via PSN store). Regardless of which version you pre-order, you will get the following two bonuses:

  • Ash Williams S-Mart Employee Outfit
  • Ash Williams Gallant Knight Outfit

Season Pass

You will get Season Pass 1 if you buy the Deluxe edition of the Evil Dead game.

All that’s stated about the Season Pass is that it comes with four DLC packs at a discounted rate. No other details are provided, but the developers have shared a piece of free DLC that is coming for everyone who buys any version of the game.

This free DLC is a Castle Kandar map. It’s the battlefield at the end of Army of Darkness.

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