Dumb Things In Quentin Tarantino Movies We All Ignore


It might be an understatement to say “Kill Bill” is a little over the top, and viewing both “Vol.1” and “Vol. 2” requires some suspension of disbelief. The kung fu revenge epic finds its abandoned warrior known as “The Bride” (Uma Thurman), among other names, repeatedly facing and overcoming impossible odds. The world of “Kill Bill” is a heightened version of our world — what things would be like if Tarantino was the director of reality. But one moment in “Kill Bill Vol. 1” is so heinous it would be criminal not to point it out.

After the Bride escapes from the hospital, she takes car keys from her newly dead former assailant Buck (Michael Bowen) and hides in the backseat of his vehicle, which he apparently named the “Pussy Wagon.” Paralyzed, the Bride is forced to wait 13 hours in the Pussy Wagon before she can will her legs back into motion. Fans on Reddit argue that by this time, someone would have surely noticed the destruction the Bride caused in the hospital, and they aren’t wrong. With two dead bodies, blood trails everywhere, and thousands of dollars in hospital property destroyed, law enforcement would’ve been looking for the Bride, and probably would have easily found and apprehended her during the time she was struggling to wiggle her big toe in the Pussy Wagon.


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