Does Anne die in the series finale?


The season 3 finale of Amphibia, episode 18, has just been released and some fans may need that epic ending explained; does Anne really die fighting Core?

Today, May 15th, there are millions of Froggy fans who are rather depressed because of the ending to the fantastic Amphibia series on Disney.

Season 3 episode 18 premiered yesterday on the Disney Channel, with the finale now available On Demand, and it certainly was “The Hardest Thing” saying goodbye.

However, some fans may need that emotional ending of Amphibia explained, with the community hopping and hoping that Anne makes it home after her fight with Core.

Amphibia season 3 ending explained

As Marcy and Sasha slowly feel their energy levels draining in the fight against Core, Anne decides that the only option left is to combine the power of all three stones – despite knowing the dangers that this entails.

In The Dark | Same Old Murphy Season Trailer | The CW

Anne then sends Marcy and Sasha back to Amphibia after convincing the pair to hand over their stones, where they tell everyone about the sacrifice Anne is about to make for them. Overwhelmed, Sprig leaps into action and flies to Anne whilst screaming how she can’t go through with this plan and that their adventures have changed their lives.

Wishing Sprig farewell, Anne unlocks the power of all three stones and shoots an incredibly powerful beam of energy at Core…but it has come at a cost. Sprig starts crying as Anne’s body starts turning into stone and she is taken back to Amphibia.

She tells Sprig not to cry and that her only regret was not seeing Love Choice 2 as her stone body starts to disintegrate into leaves…Anne has died.

However, Anne then wakes up in a mysterious place, with a message popping up on a nearby computer from the Cosmic Guardian – the entity who has been silently watching the events of the entire series from the shadows.

The Cosmic Guardian possesses Domino so the two can talk normally, with Anne being told that she is the only mortal who has used the stones’ powers for good for millennia – offering her the title of Guardian herself.

The two then reach an agreement that Anne will become the Guardian once she has lived 78 more years of adventure on Earth, as the lessons she will learn throughout her young life will one day serve the cosmos well.

Anne is returned to Amphibia, where she greets her friends to absolute shock from Sprig and the gang who are still mourning her death. Finally, using the remaining power of the stone shards, Anne, Marcy and Sasha are sent back home after a very emotional goodbye to the Amphibia inhabitants.

In their absence, Amphibia is rebuilt with a statue of Anne being built and the group set out on a new adventure to a continent which is reportedly untouched by Amphibians.

Meanwhile, ten years have now passed in the human world since the trio were sent back home. Marcy is now a comic author and Sasha is a children’s psychologist, but they note how the trio have gone their separate ways since their adventures in Amphibia.

They finally meet back up at Anne’s workplace, which is an aquarium in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where she is working hard to become the world’s best herpetologist…The series ends with Anne telling a group of schoolchildren about a rare Pink South American Tree Frog…named Sprig.

Is there going to be a fourth Amphibia season?

Sadly, there is not going to be a season 4 of Amphibia, with creator Matt Braly having previously confirmed that the series was made up of three acts i.e., seasons.

“It’s a three-season story, it always has been in my head. This show is obsessed with the number three, it’s three-crazy. There’s three girls, there’s three races, there’s three gems. And three seasons just felt right but also, there’s a little bit of narrative momentum that to me was asking for a resolution.” – Matt Braly, via The Wrap.

However, with the ending in Amphibia including a new adventure to a continent untouched by Amphibians, there is a chance that some type of spin-off series could be produced – an idea that was previously hinted at by Braly.

“It’s the kind of world that I’m more than happy to revisit if it makes sense for where we leave the characters at the end of season 3. I obviously can’t speak in detail about any of that stuff, but as long as it keeps the spirit of that stuff intact, I have no problem. If Disney ever wants to do shorts or little spinoffs, I’m super into that stuff.” – Matt Braly, via The Wrap.

However, Braly notes that any future Amphibia content could come through a different medium than an animated series, “I love comic books, I love books. I would love to do an art of books, that’s my next pitch that I’m going to try to get going.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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