Derry Girls season 3 episode 7 air date, time and series’ fate explained


You didn’t think that was the note they were going to end on, did you?

We’ve seen no shortage of great sitcoms emerge in recent years but plenty of audiences would place Derry Girls atop the mountain for its writing, performances and, let’s not forget, heart.

Created and written by Lisa McGee, the series premiered on Channel 4 in 2018, investing viewers in its nostalgic trip back to 1990s Northern Ireland. Inspired by the creator’s own coming-of-age experiences, the series has nevertheless struck a chord with many.

It’s hard not to see some of your own friends, family and relationships reflected onscreen, so why not call in for another round with Derry Girls season 3 episode 7…

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Derry Girls season 3 episode 7 air date and time

The seventh episode of Derry Girls season 3 will premiere on Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday, May 18th 2022. Additionally, those who miss that slot can check it on Channel 4+1 at 10pm the same day.

It’s actually a longer episode because it’s considered a special to supplement the events of season 3; all seasons have consisted of just six episodes. Entitled The Agreement, fans will get 45 minutes with their favourite characters this time round.

As for what to expect, the finale will reunite the friends in Derry one year later. They’re preparing for their final year at school and it’s also the week of the Good Friday Agreement.

Considering Erin and Orla’s joint 18th birthday party is taking place at the same time, trouble may lie ahead.

Derry Girls | Series 3 Trailer | Channel 4



Derry Girls | Series 3 Trailer | Channel 4





Is Derry Girls renewed for season 4?

No, it has already been confirmed the latest is the third and final season of Derry Girls.

In that sense, the special is expected to offer fans a satisfying conclusion to the journey, settling any loose ends and giving a fitting farewell to those who have been loyally tuning in over the years.

It’s worth addressing, however, that the series wasn’t cancelled by the network.

The Sun reported the decision was reached by all those working on the show, with a TV source saying: “Derry Girls has had a great run and will go down as one of Channel 4’s best ever comedies. But the show has come to its natural end and everybody associated believes it’s the right time to go, when there’s such a demand for it.”

So there you have it, but what has its creator said?

‘It was always the plan to say goodbye after three series’

Lisa McGee echoed the Sun’s source when she penned a tweet about the series reaching a conclusion with season 3, Hot Press reports.

“It was always the plan to say goodbye after three series,” she clarified. However, she was sure to include it may not be the concrete end, suggesting it could be a goodbye for now, but a goodbye all the same:

“Derry Girls is a love letter to the place I come from and the people who shaped me. Who knows whether Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle and James will return in some other guise some day but, for now, this is it for us and we’re excited to start filming this series with our incredible cast and crew to hopefully take our loyal fans on one last adventure.”

The last adventure has finally rolled around so don’t miss out. Set your TV timer for Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday, May 18th 2022.

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