DBD Chapter 24 PTB release date leak with next killer and survivor


The release date for when Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 and its PTB will come out has possibly leaked along with the next DBD killer and survivor.

There’s been lots of leaks for the next couple of DLC episodes for Dead By Daylight. While the next instalment is reported to be completely original, Chapter 25 could be another collaboration with Resident Evil starring Albert Wesker and Ada Wong.

While the prospect of another crossover with Capcom is exciting, it seems we will have an original killer and survivor to enjoy first.

Dead by Daylight | Urban Art Collection Trailer



Dead by Daylight | Urban Art Collection Trailer






When is Dead By Daylight Chapter 24?

The leaked release date for when Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 will come out is June 7th meanwhile its PTB is rumoured for May 17th.

This comes courtesy of DBD Leaks on Twitter. It’s expected that the public test build will become available after the livestream reveal ends similar to the Resident Evil and Silent Hill demos back in 2021 and 2020.

Neither date has been confirmed as of writing, but BeHaviour will announce their plans tomorrow. Once the PTB becomes available, it will once again only be playable on PC via Steam.

Next DBD killer and survivor

The leaked next killer and survivor for Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 is The Dredge and Haddie Kaur.

These are two fully original characters. Their DBD perks and abilities have also been uncovered, but it’s likely these will change in the public test build and full release.

Haddie Kaur is an Indian psychic investigator, whereas The Dredge is a monster that can enter lockers.

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