Chris Paul creates unwanted NBA history by blowing fifth 2-0 Playoff lead


The Phoenix Suns have been dumped out of the 2022 NBA Playoffs after the Dallas Mavericks secured a 4-3 series win – meaning poor Chris Paul has blown yet another 2-0 lead, for the fifth time.

Any NBA team can blow a lead in the Playoffs given the right circumstances.

It might be a missed basket changing the momentum, a star player going down injured or just an off night changing the course of the series and dashing the hopes of one team.

But maybe this time would be different for Chris Paul – and the Phoenix Suns team he was traded to in 2020.

An NBA finals slot in 2021 was followed by a record-breaking regular season, where the Suns racked up a franchise record 64 wins.

But alas, the Chris Paul 2-0 lead in the NBA Playoffs curse has struck again – as the Dallas Mavericks brushed the Suns aside.

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What are the times Chris Paul has been part of a team to blow a 2-0 lead in the NBA Playoffs?

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Suns blow out vs Mavericks

Heading into the Game 7 series decider in Phoenix, the match-up in the Western Conference semi-finals was level at 3-3.

The Suns had raced into a 2-0 lead by winning the opening two games on the road in Texas.

In games three and four, the Mavericks responded on Arizonian wood, before wins were traded again in games five and six.

It meant one half of the Western Conference finals line-up would be decided at the last – with the winner due to play the Golden State Warriors.

On the night, the Suns imploded as Luka Doncic conducted the Mavs orchestra.

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By half-time, the Mavs were up 30 – 57-27-, and didn’t look back in the second half.

A 63-60 win in the third and fourth quarters handed them a crushing 123-90 win – the Suns doing well to keep it to only 33 as they were swatted aside.

Chris Paul blows 2-0 lead

The series result meant the Chris Paul has been on the receiving end of blowing a 2-0 lead once again.

Remarkably, he is the first player to have done this five times in their career – no-one else even has four.

Chris Paul 2-0 series lead blowouts

  • New Orleans 2008 vs San Antonio Spurs
  • LA Clippers 2013 vs Memphis Grizzlies
  • LA Clippers 2016 vs Portland Trail Blazers
  • Phoenix Suns 2021 vs Milwaukee Bucks
  • Phoenix Suns 2022 vs Dallas Mavericks

Paul has famously never won the NBA title despite a glittering career, including 12 All-Star appearances and a spot on the NBA 75 team.

It was that reversal against the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021 which would have stung Chris Paul the most as the Suns blew a 2-0 series lead in the NBA Finals.

The first time Paul had ever advanced to the Finals, the Suns could not hold their lead – and were actually done in six games as the Bucks won four on the trot.

In the deciding game, Paul topped scored with 26 points, with Giannis  Antetokounmpo racking up 50 as the Bucks picked up the title.

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In other news, Chris Paul creates unwanted NBA history by blowing fifth 2-0 Playoff lead


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