Celebs who’ve owned ‘exotic pets’ – Nicolas Cage’s cobra to Justin Bieber’s monkey


Forget about dogs and cats, some of these celebs have had exotic pets as their companions. Some of today’s favourite Hollywood stars have owned animals that are not really available at your local pet store.

Curious to find out more? From strange to weirder, HITC has come up with a list of stars who once owned – and some celebs do still own – unusual or exotic pets throughout their careers.

Although there are many different types of animals people keep as pets, the most common are domesticated canines, cats, rodents and birds. Some of the animals celebs have as exotic pets made the list as they’re not that common to have running around the house!

Celebs who loved their exotic pets

6. Justin Bieber’s monkey

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Back in 2013, Bieber once owned an endangered capuchin named Mally. The Guardian reports the monkey had been a birthday gift from producer Jamal Rashid, also known as Mally Mall.

As per the report, Mally was taken off him the following year by the German authorities because the singer failed to get the right paperwork.

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Mally was then taken to a zoo in Germany’s Serengeti Wildlife Park and placed in quarantine until Justin had the right paperwork. Sadly, the singer never claimed Mally back from Germany, where is it believed that the money still resides.

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5. Salma Hayek’s owl

In 2019, actress Salma Hayek adopted a rescue owl named Kering after responding to an advertisement. According to People, the actress had gifted it to her husband as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Hayek also revealed that the name of Kering comes after “the name of his company and their symbol of the owl.”

However, this is not the first animal that the 50-year-old actress has ever owned. During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, she said to have 30 pets in total, including five parrots, alpacas, and also horses. All rescued.

Their last addition has been Kering, and the family has been cohabitating with the exotic pet ever since. Salma and Keyring even have a strong bond.

4. Mike Tyson’s tigers

America’s professional and legendary boxer, Mike Tyson has had three Bengal tigers as pets over the last few years. He named them Boris, Storm, and Kenya.

Compared to his other two tigers, Kenya had been living with the boxer for 16 years. Reports by SportsKeeda state Kenya attacked and badly injured a trespasser, which led to him paying a compensation of $250,000 and also giving her up.

During a Q&A with GQ Sports in 2019, the boxer revealed that he had to, unfortunately, part ways with another one of his beloved tigers “as she lost her sight and also strength in her hips.”

LAS VEGAS – CIRCA 1989: Mike Tyson poses with his white tiger during an interview at his home.
(Photo by: The Ring Magazine via Getty Images)

3. Paris Hilton’s kinkajou

In 2005, Paris Hilton surprised everyone after the Hollywood star had been seen carrying a kinkajou, which she named Baby Luv, after returning from her trip to Las Vegas.

Her precious kinkajou made the headlines back in 2006 after she had reportedly attacked her. The socialité had to have a tetanus shot and despite the veterinarians suggesting to give her up, she disagreed.

Kinkajous are illegal to keep in Los Angeles, so as of today, it’s still unclear whether Baby Luv still lives with Paris.

2. Kristen Stewart’s wolf-hybrids

Throwing it back to the old Twilight days. Even though she does not like to be reminded of her Bella Swan days now, she found herself attached to the wolves. But not Jacob.

However, she did not technically own them. According to The Mirror, her mother Jules Steward was the owner. The wolf hybrids have been around Kristen’s life ever since she was a child, and her family now has four of them.

The wolves live in Santa Monica, California with Jules and her boyfriend, in the company of her horses. Before her fame skyrocketed, Kristen used to visit them often.

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1. Nicolas Cage’s king cobras

Nicolas Cage did not own one but two albino king cobras with dangerous and potent venom. They were reported to cost around £276,000 by Celebrity Pets. The actor had named them Moby and Sheba.

It is not the first time that the Ghost Rider actor owned an exotic animal. His other big purchases include a $150,000 octopus that apparently helped his acting career.

According to The Independent, Nicolas was not able to keep her two king cobras for a long time because “they were too expensive to take care of” and also “the neighbourhood wasn’t too pleased.”


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