Anya and Damian begin their journey in Eden Academy with a punch


Spy X Family episode 6 is one of the most anticipated episodes in the series so far due to Damian’s introduction. Natsumi Fujiwara manages to portray the boy’s spoiled and arrogant demeanor perfectly. Meanwhile, Becky and Sylvia also fit into the existing cast with a flare.

Spy X Family episode 6 also marks the beginning of Anya’s journey in Eden Academy. The first part of the episode also features Yor and Anya growing closer as the former strives to become a better mother to the child.

Spy X Family episode 6 shows Yor growing into her role as a mother, Damian and Anya get off to a rocky start

The last episode showed that Anya was finally accepted into Eden Academy after much struggle. In celebration, Loid was coerced by Anya and Franky to rent out a castle and play Spy and Princess with them.

Spy X Family episode 6 is titled “The Friendship Scheme.”

A strong and cool mom

Spy X Family episode 6 begins with the Forger family going to the tailor and getting Anya’s uniforms done. The tailor scares Anya by commenting on how likely a student of Eden is to get kidnapped due to them coming from wealthy families.

Later, when they eat out at a restaurant, Loid receives a message to report at the Berlint Headquarters of WISE in five days.


Due to the delivery falling on the same day, Yor and Anya go to pick up the uniform, where the former spends quite a while fawning over how cute her daughter looks.

Later, when they visit a park where Anya excitedly shows everyone her uniform, Yor remembers Murdoch Swan’s words. She realizes that despite this being a temporary and fake arrangement, she truly wants to be a better mother to Anya.

To this end, they go to the supermarket to pick up groceries together, where a bunch of goons kidnap Anya when she goes outside while Yor is paying. The goons presume Yor to be the nanny since rich people don’t shop by themselves, but she arrives to save Anya and proclaims herself loudly as the girl’s mother.


Yor scares the goons away but ruins the groceries in the process. She apologizes to Anya for leaving her alone and being a good mother. But Anya reassures her that she loves her strong, cool mom and wants to be like her in the future. Resolving to be the best mother she can be, Yor decides to train Anya in combat so that she can take care of herself.

The Handler

Meanwhile, Twilight goes to the underground headquarters where he is received by his Handler, the WISE executive Sylvia Sherwood. Sylvia begins by berating Twilight for the unreasonable bill from renting Newston Castle. She informs him that with Anya being accepted into Eden, Phase 2 of Operation Strix has begun.

Via Sylvia, Spy X Family episode 6 introduces Eden Academy’s inner working to the audience. The children of the elite of Ostania spend the years from age 6 to 19 in the Academy, progressing from grade 1 to 13.

Eden is known for producing geniuses in every field, and the cream of that crop are the Imperial Scholars.

The imperial Scholars in Spy X Family episode 6 (Image via Muse Asia)
The imperial Scholars in Spy X Family episode 6 (Image via Muse Asia)

These are students who have achieved eight Stella Stars, and their parents are invited to the special events where Donovan Desmond appears. A Stella Star is rewarded for good grades and meritorious contributions to society.

On the opposite side are Tonitrus Bolts, which are given to students for bad conduct and failing grades. Once a student receives eight bolts, they are expelled on the spot.

The friendship scheme


Spy X Family episode 6 then moves on to the orientation ceremony of Eden Academy. Loid pulled some strings to get Anya assigned to Group 3, Cecile House, alongside Donovan Desmond’s second son, Damian. Loid has given up on making Anya an Imperial Scholar, and is banking on her making friends with Damian instead.

Anya, aware of Loid’s plans, tries to approach Damian, who is revealed to be a spoiled and arrogant boy. He is shown looking down on people and bragging about his family’s status, instantly making Anya angry. Spy X Family episode 6 introduces Becky Blackbell at this point, the daughter of a major military manufacturer.

Damian makes fun of Anya for not being an elite, but Anya retaliates with a creepy but zen smile after remembering Yor’s advice to avoid violence whenever possible. This irks Damian and impresses Becky, who declares herself to be Anya’s friend. However, Damian keeps irritating Anya, declaring that he will bully her out of Eden.

After verifying that they were far from the teachers, Anya punches Damian. When asked by Master Henderson, who has been demoted from his housemaster position into being Anya’s homeroom teacher, she replies that she got angry because Damian stepped on Becky’s foot. This lie impresses both Becky and Henderson.


While physical violence is punishable with three Tonitrus Bolts, Henderson only gives Anya one due to what he believes was noble conduct. Upon being informed, Loid realizes that his carefully constructed plan has failed.

Final thoughts

Yor in Spy X Family episode 6 (image via Muse Asia)
Yor in Spy X Family episode 6 (image via Muse Asia)

Spy X Family episode 6 showed that Yor is far more aware of her affection towards Anya than Loid. Sylvia’s introduction was done well, and she will take on a much more important role in the future. With this episode, the social structure and the inlaid hierarchy of Eden also became apparent.

Anya and Becky’s friendship is one of the most prominent relationships in the series, and Spy X Family episode 6 sets that up perfectly well. However, the spotlight was definitely on Anya and Damian. The latter may appear to be unlikable, but a deeper look will soon say otherwise.

A smart way that Spy X Family episode 6 hints at the layers of Damian’s characters is by showing him to be alone in the picture his class takes with their respective parents.

It is known that his elder brother Demetrius is an imperial scholar and revered in the school. The status of his relationship with his father will soon become clear in the anime as well.

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