Amber Heard ‘bragged about pooping in Johnny Depp’s bed’ on drive to Coachella


The “poop” saga is back again as Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation case resumes. While Heard has denied she had any involvement with the bedroom shenanigans, Starling Jenkins III, one of Depp’s security guards, said otherwise.

Heard and Depp have come forward to share their side of the story. With both the parties facing cross-examination, viewers got to hear more about what went down when the pair had been married.

Amid this, one thing that constantly comes up is the fecal matter that was left on Depp’s bed.

Amber Heard ‘bragged about pooping in Johnny Depp’s bed’

Starling Jenkins III, one of Depp’s security guards, was called as a witness during the Heard and Depp’s defamation case. In it, he was asked about the conversation he had with the Aquaman actress while she was heading to Coachella.

Jenkins noted: “We had a conversation pertaining to the surprise she left to the boss’ bed prior to leaving the apartment.” He further alleged that Heard claimed the entire incident was a “horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

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What has Amber Heard said about this?

Heard has denied playing any prank on Depp and called the entire event “disgusting.”

She noted: “Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what grown woman does. I was also not in a pranking mood. My life was falling apart. I had a crossroads in my life. I was really serious and I had just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband, with whom I was desperately in love and knew I needed to leave. It was not really a jovial time. And I don’t think that’s funny, period. That’s disgusting.”

Heard further explained about their dog, Boo’s bowl problem while hinting that it was the dog who could have defecated.

How the defamation case’s fecal matter topic became an SNL skit

With Heard and Depp’s defamation case taking the center stage it was no surprise that Saturday Night Live (SNL) was going to jump on the bandwagon of discussing the same.

Rather than touching on the main points of the case, SNL decided to put all their attention on the fecal matter that became the hot topic of discussion in the courtroom during the hearing.

Undoubtedly, several people loved the skit and it did not take long for them to express the same on social media. While the real mystery remains unsolved, at least people have the SNL skit to enjoy.

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