5 tag teams WWE refused to split


Over the years, WWE has shown time and again how little they value tag team wrestling.

Vince McMahon has historically gone on record to talk about his issues with it, and when you look at the company’s history with teams, it’s clear to see the lack of effort put into the division.

The company has a formula when it comes to their tag teams, and that usually entails pairing up two random singles stars before inevitably breaking them up. This is usually done with plans for a future feud in mind, and is never in the best interests of the tag team division.

However, there have been rare instances in the past where Vince McMahon saw value in a union and kept a team together.

On that note, here are five tag teams that WWE refused to split up.

#5. WWE teased splitting up the Legion of Doom several times but never did

Legion of Doom are considered by many to be the greatest tag team ever
Legion of Doom are considered by many to be the greatest tag team ever

Regarded by many as the greatest tag team of all time, WWE knew they had a good thing on their hands when they brought the Road Warriors into the company.

Renamed Legion of Doom, Hawk and Animal spent a total of four years in the promotion over two separate runs. Despite teasing a possible split on more than one occasion during their time working for Vince McMahon, the company actually kept the two together for the entirety of their tenure.

They went on to win the WWF Tag Team Championships twice and eventually earned a Hall of Fame induction.

#4. Neither WWE nor the Steiner Brothers wanted to split the team up

The Steiner Brothers were one of the hottest teams in the 1990s and became synonymous with WCW.

However, Rick and Scott Steiner did spent a couple of years working for Vince McMahon, and the two remained a tag team for throughout their entire time in the company.

The Steiners were very outspoken early on in their careers about never wanting to break up, and WWE seemed to listen. They won the WWF Tag Team Championships twice and were a solid tag team for years until they eventually agreed to split during their time in WCW.

#3. WWE mishandled The Revival but kept them together

The Revival have been together since their WWE debuts
The Revival have been together since their WWE debuts

After a stellar run in NXT, it’s safe to say that WWE really mishandled The Revival once they were promoted to the main roster.

Poor booking really hurt the team, so it’s quite surprising that the company never pulled the plug on the pair’s time together in order to see what they could do as singles competitors.

The duo are another that’s been vocal about their intent to tag together for the rest of their careers. That may have played a role in keeping them aligned, as they spent their WWE tenures as a tandem and even continued on after leaving the company.

It’s hard to see the pair ever going their separate ways at this point.

#2. The New Day doesn’t look to be splitting anytime soon

New Day truly the greatest faction of all time 🔥🔥🔥WWE Champion x2 King of the Ring MITBIC Champion Tag Team Champions x11 https://t.co/7O4DZf80b2

After grouping three individuals together in Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods back in 2014, WWE hit a gold mine.

Now in their eighth year together, The New Day have become one of the most successful and popular teams in the history of the company. What’s encouraging is the fact that the promotion has shown no indication of splitting the three, even through Kingston and Big E’s world title successes.

Last year, the draft moved Big E to Raw and away from his allies, but it still didn’t bring the group’s run to an end. Big E was still regularly involved with The New Day and rejoined the squad shortly after losing his title.

With the trio now together again on SmackDown, it seems the group still has plenty of life left in it. After their years of success, Mr. McMahon may have absolutely no intention of ever splitting them up.

#1. The Usos are destined to spend their entire careers together

The Usos are currently the best they've ever been
The Usos are currently the best they’ve ever been

The Usos have been a tag team since they debuted, and there’s absolutely no sign of the two splitting up in the future.

Twin brothers Jey and Jimmy are one of the most successful teams in history and have managed to continuously evolve over the years to remain entertaining in the eyes of fans.

Currently in their 12th year as a team on the main roster, The Usos are better than ever. Having been SmackDown Tag Team Champions for over 300 days now, the brothers are enjoying life alongside cousin Roman Reigns.

As long as The Bloodline is the biggest stable in the company, it’s very unlikely their time as a team will come to an end.


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